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The Glasgow Inner Ring Road - South & East Flanks

The Glasgow Inner Ring Road was planned as an urban motorway route around the city centre. Only the north and west flanks through Woodside, Charing Cross and Kingston were built.


Plans for the south and east flanks were outlined in the Highway Plan. The route of east flank was particularly controversial from the outset as it passed close to Glasgow Cathedral and Glasgow Cross. A large interchange with the Hamilton Motorway within Glasgow Green was also proposed. After 15 years of debate the proposals were dropped in favour of alternative plans. This page considers what might have been had the ring road been completed.

East Flank

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The Maryhill & Lomond Motorways

The Maryhill and Lomond Motorways were developed as part of studies for the Glasgow Inner Ring Road. In providing a radial route from the north flank of the Ring Road to the north west of the city the roads were designed to alleviate traffic flows on Great Western Road and Maryhill Road.


The Maryhill Motorway was one of many Glasgow routes that were never built. Unlike many others it was subject to detailed planning before its cancellation. This allows us to make direct comparisons between the original route as detailed in the Highway Plan and the final proposal. This page will examine the way in which the plans were revised in the course of a decade and will consider impact the road would have had on traffic today.

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The Hamilton Motorway

The Hamilton Motorway was proposed as a radial route, connecting the east flank of the ring road with the Hamilton-Uddingston Bypass at Maryville. It was to have been similar in design to the Monkland Motorway.


It was intended that the Hamilton Motorway would have accomodated most traffic heading towards the city from the south. In later studies the route became known as the Hamilton Road Route. A line as far as Dalmarnock was supported by Scottish Office well into the 1980s before the line of the M74 Completion scheme was developed. A section of the motorway from Maryville to Fullarton was more or less built as planned. This page considers how the route would have functioned as an alternative to the M74 Completion.

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