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Glasgow Motorway Archive: News, Features & Analysis

Here we provide the latest news, views and discussions relating to the Glasgow motorway system. It's also the place to find our special features as well as analysis of issues ranging from M8 traffic flows to the design of on ramps!


In the coming months we will be discussing traffic flows on the M8, and how they have grown since the route was completed, and there will be a discussion on whether the Highway Plan & GGTS proposals were realistic or achievable. If you have any topics you would like to raise get in touch in the usual ways!


Unseen Highway Plan Sketches

AD Bell Paintings Intended for Highway Plan Unearthed.

DATE: 26th June 2016     BY: Stuart Baird

We recently discovered some artists impressions by Alexander Duncan Bell which we had not seen before. A quick check with John Cullen revealed that they were originally intended for the Highway Plan. We thought it only fair to share them - read on:


The image on the left shows the M8 Monkland Motorway approaching Junction 11 (Stepps Road) from the east. The additional bridges show what this junction would have looked like had the North Link Motorway been constructed.


The centre image is thought to be another part of the M8 Monkland Motorway (perhaps around Provan) although it is slightly less clear in this case. Feel free to email if you have any ideas!


The final image shows a sketch of the Charing Cross canyon adjacent to the Mitchell Library. A similar version of this drawing is included in the final report.


Images © Mr AD Bell

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Latest YouTube Discoveries

M74 Construction at Hamilton, Opening of the Clyde Tunnel & 1980s M8 at Night.

DATE: 03rd April 2016     BY: Stuart Baird

Every now and then some Glasgow's motorway gems appear on Youtube! In recent months there have been no fewer than five newly uploaded historic clips covering the M73, M74, M8 and Clyde Tunnel. Details below, watch them opposite!


The first film charts the construction of the M74 Hamilton Bypass around the A723 interchange. The film spans mid-1964 to late 1966 and contains footage of site clearance, pile driving, the opening ceremony and some fantastic views of the completed scheme.


The second clip is a newsreel covering the opening of the Clyde Tunnel in July 1963. This one has no sound but there are some excellent views from both inside and outside the tunnel.


The remaining clips were uploaded by the Huntley Archive. These have no sound but show the M73 and M8 as they were in the early 1980s. What we found particularly interesting is the "rural" look and feel of the M73! Worth watching out for.