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Stuart Baird

Stuart is a qualified civil engineer and is employed within the highway maintenance sector in Scotland. He launched the website due to his interest in the history of the Glasgow and Scottish road networks. He had been researching the subject for a number of years and was frustrated by the lack of information in the public domain.


Stuart continues to carry out extensive research, particularly into major routes, such as the M8 and M74 motorways, and the many unbuilt sections recommended in the Glasgow Highway Plan. His primary transport interests include bridges & highway structures and transport planning & policy making. Wider interests include politics, local government and public transport.


As a Co-Editor, Stuart commissions and produces new articles and assists with research enquiries and technical queries. Stuart is responsible for the general design of the website and produces the majority of its graphics.

All motorways in the Greater Glasgow area are covered by the site. These are often detailed in multiple articles based on original construction contracts. The extents of the main routes covered is as follows:


The M8 motorway from Junction 4A (Heartlands) to Junction 31 (Bishopton). Subjects include the Glasgow Inner Ring Road and Monkland Motorway.

The M74 motorway from Junction 1 (Kingston) to Junction 14 (Abington). Major articles include the Hamilton Bypass and M74 Completion scheme.

The M77 motorway from Junction 1 (Dumbreck) to Junction 8 (Fenwick). Includes the three main construction phases.

The M80 motorway from Junction 1 (Provan) to Junction 8 (Haggs). The development of the route through Glasgow and North Lanarkshire is covered.

The M73 motorway from Junction 1 (Maryville) to Junction 4 (Mollinsburn).


Articles also cover routes such as the M898, the Clydeside Expressway, the Clyde Tunnel, the Erskine Bridge, the A725 and the A737. A general history page, a timeline and pages detailing unbuilt routes such as the Maryhill Motorway and the East Flank of the Inner Ring Road are also provided. In 2016 a number of analytical pieces covering subjects such as traffic flows on the M8 and a consideration of the feasibility of Highway Plan are planned.  


For those with an interest in general history or urban planning the site provides coverage of the many reports and studies published over the last 70 years. These include the famous Bruce Report of 1945 for Glasgow Corporation, Abercrombie's Clyde Valley Report of 1949, the Greater Glasgow Transportation Study of 1967 and the West Central Scotland Plan. A section on public bodies such as Glasgow Corporation and Strathclyde Regional Council, and their roles in the development of the system, are planned for the future.

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About the Glasgow Motorway Archive

Glasgows-Motorways.co.uk is an educational history website dedicated to the planning, construction and development of the motorways and major trunk roads of the Greater Glasgow area. 


Initial research began in early 2005. In early 2009 we were introduced to Mr John Cullen - one of the co-authors of "A Highway Plan for Glasgow". John has assisted with our research into the history behind the motorway system, as has the Mitchell Library in Glasgow.


Work on the website began in summer 2010. Its primary aim is to provide a resource that is both accurate and trusted and to preserve any records relating to the subject

Routes & Topics Covered


Archive Curators & Contributors

John Hassall

John has an enthusiasm for urban highways and has taken a particular interest in the planning and construction of Glasgow’s road network and its history. He is employed within the highway maintenance sector in Scotland.


His contributions to the website began in early 2013 and he has assisted with the research, production and design of several articles on the Glasgow motorway system. These have included pages on the Clydeside Expressway, the M77, the M80 and the M8 Renfrew Bypass. He is interested in interchange layouts, road geometry and general Scottish motorway history.


John is a Co-Editor of the website and deals with routine site correspondance, publicity and research. He also keeps a close eye on current and future Scottish Government transportation projects such as the M8 Baillieston to Newhouse, A96 dualling and A720 Sheriffhall grade-separation schemes.

Get In Touch

There are a number of ways in which you can get in touch with the site:

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We were first introduced to John Cullen in January 2009 – this was a turning point in the development of what became Glasgow’s Motorways. Without his input a vast amount of the information we have unearthed would still be hidden away in dusty archives. He has been an invaluable source and continues to offer encouragement as we strive to provide the most accurate source of information on the Glasgow motorway system available.


John had a crucial role in the production of a Highway Plan for Glasgow. His responsibilities lay in the development of an outline design for the Glasgow motorway system, as well as in the detailed design of some early contracts, such as Townhead Interchange and the north flank of the M8 Inner Ring Road. John developed corridors for routes, such as M8 between Hillington and Baillieston, the Glasgow Inner Ring Road, sections of what we now know as the M77 and M80, as well as unbuilt routes such as the Maryhill Motorway.


John has an impressive CV, having been a civil engineer for over 65 years. He is also a Fellow of both the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Institution of Highways & Transportation. His vast experience has seen him work around the globe on a variety of projects such as the design of a ten lane freeway through Las Vegas, the Cumbernauld New Town road system, the Motherwell Ring Road, development of the Baghdad Transportation Study as well as work in Ontario, Canada. He has published a number of papers on a variety of transport planning subjects and provided Traffic Consultancy services.


We continue to meet with John regularly. Recently, we have assisted him with his traffic flow studies on the impact of the M74 completion, as well as other Glasgow related subjects. We have also contributed to John's book "Glasgows Motorways: A History" which is essential reading for those interested in the Glasgow Inner Ring Road.


We would like to take the opportunity to express our appreciation to John Cullen for his assistance and the source material he has provided over the years. His contributions have ensured that the website is both accurate and comprehensive in its coverage.


Mr John M. Cullen FICE FCIHT

Research Services

Special thanks also to Mr Alaister Walker for his supply of scheme opening booklets and copies of other Strathclyde Regional Council publications as well as photographs.


These provided information far beyond that available in any of the libraries or online.


Thanks to Merson Signs and Interlink M74 JV for access to the site of the M74 Completion project on a number of occasions.


Thanks also to Transport Scotland, Glasgow City Council and Renfrewshire Council for various scheme publications.

Corrections & Feedback

The site prides itself on providing accurate, well researched articles. If we have made mistakes or errors and you would like to tell us, please feel free to get in touch using the methods above.


We are also happy to accept any feedback on the site and take suggestions for future articles. If you would like to contribute any photos, publications or articles please send us an email with details for us to get in touch.

Special Thanks

Glasgow's Motorways aims to provide detailed and accurate information on the history and construction of the motorways and trunk roads of the Glasgow area. We are happy to accept research requests from anyone with an interest in the subject. Whether you are a student completing a final year project, or a production assistant looking for information for a documentary, we strive to provide you with as much information as possible. We may also license some of our photographs and diagrams for educational use.


In recent years the site has made contributions to BBC Scotland, STV, national & local newspapers as well as colleges and universities. We have access to a considerable number of reports, plans and photographs which have been unearthed over many years. The list below details some of the main items contained within the archive. If what you are looking for isn't on the list we probably know where you can find a copy.


In the first instance all requests for informaton should be sent to our main email address: admin@glasgows-motorways.co.uk


Please provide details of who you are, what you are looking for and for what purpose. We will generally respond to all queries within 48 hours although if some research is required we may require more time.


If you have any old documents, reports or photographs we would love to see them! We are always on the lookout for new material so please get in touch if you have anything you would like to share.


The following publications, reports and plans are available and contain considerable information on all aspects of the Glasgow motorway system:


The First & Second Planning Reports (Bruce Report) (1945) Robert Bruce for Glasgow Corporation

The Clyde Valley Report (1949) Sir Patrick Abercrombie for the Scottish Home Department

Interim Report on Glasgow Inner Ring Road (1962) Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick for Glasgow Corporation

A Highway Plan for Glasgow (1965) Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick for Glasgow Corporation

The Greater Glasgow Transportation Study Vol 1, 2 & 4 (1967-73) Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick for Scottish Development Dept/Local Authorities

Maryhill Motorway Report (1980) Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick for Strathclyde Region

Ayr Motorway Report (1980) Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick for Strathclyde Region

Various Inner Ring Road South & East Flank Reports (1975-80) Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick for Strathclyde Region

Glasgow Inner Ring Road - Performance Study (1975) Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick for Glasgow Corporation

Strathclyde Regional Council SPRAG Report (1981)

Strathclyde Regional Council - Various Reports (1975-96)

Various Public Local Inquiry Reports

Various Strathclyde Regional Council Structure Plans

CITRAC Operations Manual

Various Scottish Office Consultations & Reports (1990s)

Press Cuttings (1960s & 70s)

Slides (1960s & 70s)

Construction Photographs (All Routes)

Archive Photographs

Fold Out Maps (1960s to 90s)

Archive Film Clips

GGTS Technical & Steering Group Committee Memos

Scottish Transport Statistic Reports

Accident Statistics (1950s-Present)

Detailed Traffic Flow Data (1950s-Present)


Details of opening and commemorative booklets held by us can be found opposite.

Opening Booklets

We have copies of the following scheme opening booklets:


Renfrew Motorway Stage 1 (1976)

Renfrew Bypass (1968)

M80 Stepps Bypass (1992)

The Clydeside Expressway (1971)

Monkland Motorway Stage 1 (1975)

Monkland Motorway Stage 2B & Baillieston Interchange (1980)

M74 - Hamilton Bypass Stage 1 (1966)

Clyde Tunnel Northern Approaches

Clyde Tunnel Southern Approaches

The Renfrew Motorway (1976)

The Kingston Bridge & Approaches (1970)

M77 Ayr Road Route (1996)

A737 Johnstone Bypass (1993)

Inner Ring Road - Woodside Stage 2 (1971)

Inner Ring Road - Kingston Bridge (1970)

Erskine Bridge & Approaches (1971)

M74 Completion (2011)

The Clyde Tunnel (1963)

M74/A74(M) Various (1990s)

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