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Glasgows-Motorways.co.uk details the history, development and construction of the motorways and other routes of the Greater Glasgow area!


The site aims to provide the most accurate source of information available on subjects such as "A Highway Plan for Glasgow" and the Glasgow Inner Ring Road, in addition to the M8 and M74 motorways. Rare plans, charts, opening booklets and photos are a regular feature and help to illustrate the various articles.


Details on our recent articles and newly published pages can be found below. To navigate around the site use the menus at the top or right hand sides of each page.

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Major Subject Areas

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Site Highlights & Latest Articles

Glasgow's Motorways in the Media - BBC, STV & More!

POSTED UNDER: General News     DATE: 19th November 2015     AUTHOR: Stuart Baird

A number of media organisations have been in touch recently regarding the 50th anniversary of the start of construction of the M8 Glasgow Inner Ring Road.


In October we made an appearance on BBC Scotland's flagship news programmes Reporting Scotland and Good Morning Scotland. This was followed up in November with an appearance on STV News in which we also took part in a studio discussion! We have also been involved recently with Mentorn Media who are producing a documentary series for the BBC. Exciting times for the site! We are always happy to help organisations with any M8 or Glasgow motorway related enquiries so please get in touch if we can help!

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NEW Article: Glasgow Inner Ring Road (North Flank)

POSTED UNDER: The M8 Motorway     DATE: 11th Oct 2015     AUTHOR: Stuart Baird & John Hassall

The Glasgow Inner Ring Road was planned as an urban motorway route around the city centre. Only the north and west flanks were constructed and today these carry the M8 motorway through the city. The ring road was designed by Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick and outlined in "A Highway Plan for Glasgow".


Our articles covering the route will be presented in two parts. The first, covering the north flank from Townhead Interchange to Woodside is now live. The page contains a host of old and new photos which showcase the important features of this crucial section of M8 motorway. We also detail the various important dates associated with the scheme - the first time these have been detailed online.

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NEW Page: Glasgow's Motorway Timeline

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POSTED UNDER: General News     DATE: 26th January 2016     BY: Stuart Baird

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Glasgow's Motorway Timeline page! The Glasgow motorway network can trace its roots back 1945 and so we have created this page in an attempt to provide a quick summary of key dates and milestones.


The timeline should act as a quick reference point for those looking for specific scheme dates or information on key events. The timeline will grow throughout 2016, providing a detailed breakdown for each year. To keep things interesting we will be including a number of photos, charts and plans!

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Latest Images

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Find us on Facebook - Page Now LIVE

Glasgow's Motorways finally has a presence on Facebook! The page launched in early 2016 and will compliment our successful Twitter feed. Facebook provides us with the opportunity to share many more images and provide much more background information. Twitter's character limits can be restrictive in that regard!


We are planning a number of features in the coming weeks which will reveal a number of items from our ever expanded archive. These include rare photos of junctions, projects under construction, bridges and many more!


You can find us at facebook.com/glasgowsmotorways or by clicking any of the Facebook icons dotted around our pages!


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Special Thanks

The site wishes to thank all those who have assisted with the supply of reports, plans, photos and various other items.


Special thanks must go to Mr John M Cullen for encouragement and archive materials, and to Mr Alaister Walker for access to photographs, slides and opening booklets!

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There are a number of ways in which you can get in touch with the site:

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Research Services

The site is happy to provide research services to those interested in the M8 or any of the other motorways in the Glasgow area. In recent months we have provided assistance to major contractors, consultants, PHD students around the world and documentary makers at a number of production companies.


We have an array of plans, reports, drawings and photographs dating from 1946 to the present day. These were produced for Local Authorities, Transport Executives and Central Government. If you are a student carrying out research or a production assistant looking for information feel free to get in touch! All requests for info can be made via the About Us page. We aim to respond to you as quickly as possible.

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So Why Glasgow's Motorways?

So why a website on the subject of motorways, and specifically the Glasgow motorways? The answer is fairly simple - the motorways in the Glasgow area, and indeed throughout Scotland, are fairly unique. Until now there has been very little information available online. We aim to change this by providing a trusted educational resource that is both interesting and comprehensive in its coverage.


We provide articles that are generally free from opinion and as balanced as possible. Where we give an opinion on a particular subject we seperate it from the main text and highlight it as such. Glasgow's Motorways is not pro or anti road and we do not generally involve ourselves in any campaigns. That said, we do give our views on plans which may affect the motorways or change their original designs.


Our on-going research has unearthed many facts, figures, plans and photos that have been out of circulation for years and we take great pleasure in bringing these to you. Our Glasgow's Motorway archive continues to grow and we try to share as many pieces of it as we can. We do, for example, share many new photos via our Twitter account. We are also out and about on a regular basis and take photos and videos as a way of building up a record of the motorways as they change. We hope you find the site useful and entertaining!

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Glasgow's Motorways is run as a not-for-profit organisation and depends on donations to pay for site hosting costs and software subscriptions.


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