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A warm welcome to - the only website dedicated to the history, development and construction of the motorways and major trunk roads of the Greater Glasgow area!


We cover all the major routes including the M8, M74, M77 and The Clydeside Expressway with a few other roads and major bridges thrown in to keep things interesting! We also look into the various plans that were developed over the years and consider all those routes that were cancelled or never built!


The site aims to bring you the most accurate information available online! We have spent countless hours scouring through archives, records and photographs. Extensive interviews have been conducted with one of the men who worked at the heart of the Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick team responsible for a "Highway Plan for Glasgow" which was published in 1965. We have acquired copies of plans, charts, opening booklets and slides which have not been seen in public for decades! Many publications on the Glasgow motorways in recent years have contained incorrect information - this site aims to set the record straight! Detailed coverage and analysis of current and future projects is provided and particular attention will be paid to Glasgow's unique overhead sign gantries.


A guide on how to find your way around the site can be found below. In the meantime feel free to get in touch with any comments, information, reports, photos or queries you may have.


You can contact us at: You can also follow us on Twitter @GlasgowsMways, find us on Facebook, view our videos on Youtube or  look at our images on Flickr.

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Glasgow's Motorways is very easy to navigate with each of the menu tabs above representing a major subject area.


History & Background contains pages on the lead up to the constructon of various routes with details on the various published plans local authority considerations.


The Motorway Index is where the main pages of each route can be accessed, for example the M8 or M80. Within these pages you will find sub-sections on specific contracts such as the M74 Completion or the Inner Ring Road.


Glasgow Gantries offers a raft of information on one of the more unique features of the Glasgow area - its signage!


On Other Routes you will find indexes to non-motorway routes such as the Clydeside Expressway, the A725 or A898. Like the motorway pages these will have sub-sections.


The Great Unbuilt will delve into the various plans to study the large number of routes that didn't make it off the drawing board. The media page will contain photo galleries and video clips.


For information on the site check out the Research Services and About Us pages.


The site is happy to provide research services to those interested in the M8 or any of the other motorways in the Glasgow area.


We have an array of plans, reports, drawings and photographs dating from 1946 to the present day which were produced for Local Authorities, Transport Executives and Central Government. If you are a student carrying out research or a production assistant looking for information feel free to get in touch! All requests for info can be made via the Research Services page - see menu link above!

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Details of recent updates can be found below:

  • March 10th: New site launched.

  • May 20th: Glasgow Motorway Myths page now live.

  • May 26th: Renfrew Bypass page now live.

  • July 19th: Renfrew Motorway page now live.

  • October 16th: Maryhill & Lomond Motorways page now live.

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  • M8 - Inner Ring Road North & West Flanks

  • Glasgow Gantries (Expanded)

  • A898 Erskine Bridge

  • The Inner Ring Road - South & East Flanks

  • The M77 Part 2 & Clydeside Expressway Part 2

In the coming months we are planning to roll out several new articles. You can expect at least one new page per month. The schedule for 2014 is as follows:

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Check out our Glasgow's Motorways videos in the player above. We kick things off with our "Construction and Oldies" photo montage.