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Welcome! details the history, development and construction of the motorways and other routes of the Greater Glasgow area!


The site aims to provide the most accurate source of information available on subjects such as A Highway Plan for Glasgow and the Glasgow Inner Ring Road in addition to the M8 and M74 motorways. Rare plans, charts, opening booklets and photos are a regular feature and help to illustrate the various articles.


Details on our recent articles and newly published pages can be found below. To navigate around the site use the menus at the top or right hand sides of each page.

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Major Subject Areas

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Latest Articles

"THE TRIP - Port Glasgow to Edinburgh in 5 Minutes"

POSTED UNDER: General News     DATE: 18th June 2015     AUTHOR: Stuart Baird

We recently discovered a YouTube video that will be of great interest to fans of the M8 motorway. The video, that was filmed around 1993, involves an eastbound drive from Port Glasgow to Edinburgh.


At this stage a number of original features were still present along the M8 and a number of these can be seen in the video. Highlights include the construction of the St James Interchange flyovers, the pre-J25A layout, Kingston Bridge strengthening works, widening of the north flank of the ring road and widening of the approaches to the M80 at Provan. A number of original style gantries can be seen as can the original Newbridge Roundabout and Harthill Services. Thanks to owner Brian Stevenson for use!

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The Renfrew Motorway

POSTED UNDER: The M8 Motorway     DATE: 19th Jul 2014     AUTHOR: John Hassall

J23 Ibrox 1976
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The Highway Plan

POSTED UNDER: History & Background     DATE: 10th Feb 2015     AUTHOR: Stuart Baird

Highway Plan on Map
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Latest Images

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Research Services

The site is happy to provide research services to those interested in the M8 or any of the other motorways in the Glasgow area.


We have an array of plans, reports, drawings and photographs dating from 1946 to the present day which were produced for Local Authorities, Transport Executives and Central Government. If you are a student carrying out research or a production assistant looking for information feel free to get in touch! All requests for info can be made via the Research Services page.

Special Thanks

The site wishes to thank all those who have assisted with the supply of reports, plans, photos and various other items.


Special thanks must go to Mr John M Cullen for encouragement and archive materials and to Mr Alaister Walker for access to photographs and opening booklets!